Arthur King (Stéphane Renaud), born in Paris in 1994 from a father art gallery owner and a mother painter is a painter sculptor and installation artist.

Already very young he accomplishes small wildlife sculptures, solitary child, he spends most of his childhood drawing and reading comic books about super heroes, teenager he gets interested in the art of graffiti already indecisive to submit to the rules, he covers his parents’ whole house of graffitis.

Having worked as a salesman in art galleries during 4 years in Paris and Saint Tropez it is at this time that he decides to dedicate himself entirely to his true passion.

Influenced by the Narrative Figuration mouvement and by artists as Roy Lichtenstein, Gudmundur Erro and Jean-Michel Basquiat, his works put forward two major themes: the world of Marvels and the comic books that rocked his childhood.

Staging regularly super heroes of whom he likes to make light by diverting them with pop culture personalities, he also stages sculptures often representing Nature recovering its rights on the world.

Today he accomplishes his works himself.

Stéphane Renaud

« Art is like love, these are two mysteries that we all have to live . Arthur King »

Another night in one of my best bar in Paris

Have some cocktail with my friend marc at the bar of the hotel du collectionneur

Famous art collector Jimmy Lahoud happy with his « Flowers Bomb »

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